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Bukowski Design AB is a family-owned business that designs, manufactures, markets, and sells teddy bears and other plush toys to customers around the world.

The success of our teddy bears can only be explained by their unique design and the thought process that goes into every product. each teddy bear is based on a real human being, which makes them all that much more lifelike!

Welcome and thank you for visiting We are a family-run company that designs, produces, and distributes various sorts of teddy bears and other plush animals. Our range consists of well over 500 unique items and changes rapidly. Twice a year we launch approximately 30-60 products on big European trade fairs focusing on gifts, decorations, and toys. We are an international company and have customers all over the world. Our success can in large be attributed to our beautiful designs and high-quality standards. However, a Bukowski bear is by no means just a cute and resilient teddy bear. We strive to give every bear its own real personality and soul. This is done by dedicating our teddies to the people around us. Whenever a new family member is born, our co-workers become parents, friends buy pets or get married, or people enter our lives they are portrayed by Barbara Bukowski in the shape of a teddy bear, rabbit, or any other animal she sees fit for that person.

We were founded in 1990 by Barbara Bukowski and Janusz Bukowski and have grown under their watchful eyes ever since (more about our history can be found here). Today we employ hundreds of people around the world and work closely with a lot of charitable organizations and help organize charity actions. We produce our beloved teddy bears in our own factory and distribute them from our own warehouses located in the Stockholm region.

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