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When you use the modules and services of our website, information is exchanged between the site and the user. This page is intended for you to better understand the rules of use of the site, the security of your personal data, the terms of placing and purchasing products on the website. By registering on the website and/or using the services of the management company and/or by checking the “I agree to the terms” box (or any other wording), you agree to fully and unconditionally abide by these rules. The mentioned rules are considered mandatory within the framework of the relationship between you and the company and are given the legal meaning determined by the legislation of Georgia. For detailed information on the process and rules regarding the personal data provided by you and processed by us, please read the Personal Data Processing and Privacy Policy. For detailed information regarding the return process and its rules, please refer to the return policy. The documents governing the personal data processing and privacy policy and the item return policy are an integral part of these rules and the agreement between the parties and have been given identical legal status.

Definition of terms

  • Website – website
  • The managing company – the company that owns the softtoys website, “Dzilis Tanamedrove Technologiebi” LLC (S/C: 405197987).
  • User – a natural or legal person who uses the functions of the site, which includes placing, searching and purchasing products on the site.
  • Buyer – any natural or legal person who purchases products through the website.
  • Seller – a legal entity that sells products through the site on the basis of an agreement with the management company, for which additional services may be offered on the site, such as installments, warranty, delivery service.
  • Announcement – information about the products for sale posted on the website.
  • Product – any item offered for sale through the Site.

General conditions

  • The terms established by these rules of use regulate the terms of use of the website of the managing company. The relationship between the Seller and the Management Company shall be further governed by the Agreement, which, in the event of inconsistency with these Terms, shall prevail over the relationship between the Seller and the Management Company.
  • User entering the site (authorization/registration) and receiving information from the site or using the service implies that the user agrees to follow the conditions established by the present rules of use and also the rules specified in the relevant description of specific products.
  • Site services are intended only for those users who are not prohibited or restricted by the laws of any applicable jurisdiction from receiving services over the Internet. The management company does not intend for users to violate any applicable laws. By using the Site, Users agree that their use of the Service is in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and statutes, including tax. The management company is not responsible for the illegal or unauthorized use of the service by the user. The user is responsible for checking the relevant laws of his jurisdiction before registering on the site and receiving services.
  • The management company is authorized, without the prior consent of the users, to make changes to the terms and conditions of use. In case of changes, the management company will update these rules and change the date of the last update. The modified rules will be effective after they are published on the site. The user is responsible for periodically visiting the site and, in case of changes, to familiarize himself with the terms and conditions of use. Continued use/use of the site after making changes to the rules means that the user has accepted the changes.
  • When using the site, the user declares his consent for the management company to process the user’s personal information in accordance with the personal data protection policy.
  • The user has no right to give his account name and password to a third party. If there is any doubt about the distribution of such information, the user is obliged to change the password. The user is responsible for the security of the account name and password on the computer and any other device and Internet access location, as well as the user name combination, “hacking” and any loss based on any virus or virus program. The user is obliged to immediately notify the management company of any possible account hacking attempts or security breaches.
  • The user must not under any circumstances use the site in a way that infringes the intellectual property rights owned by the managing company or any third party. Any reproduction, publication, distribution or re-distribution, in whole or in part, by any means (including caching, creation), sale, resale, retransmission or making available to third parties is prohibited. In the event that any material may be downloaded or printed within the Service, such material may only be downloaded to one device (and may be printed in written form) and only for the user’s personal, non-commercial use.
  • The terms and conditions of integrated service providers (such as installment payments, loan approval, etc.) supplement these Terms as long as they do not conflict with these Terms. By using any such integrated service, the user agrees to and is responsible for complying with such terms. In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms of Service and any other integrated service terms, these Terms shall prevail in any legal relationship between the Management Company and the User.

Rights and duties of the managing company

  • The management company ensures, taking into account the content of each application, the placement of the application in the appropriate category.
  • The managing company does not guarantee and is not responsible for the legal/material defect, quality, safety and conformity/accuracy of the products specified in the statement posted on the website.
  • In case of violation of the rules and conditions of use of this web page, the managing company is authorized to block the IP address of the offending user. The amount corresponding to the virtual balance in the account is not returned to the user if the user voluntarily cancels the registration. In the latter case, the user is responsible for spending the unused balance before voluntarily canceling the registration. By agreeing to these rules, the user waives any future claims against the management company based on any applicable law.

Registration/Site Authorization Rules

  • The user will register on the site following the rules specified on the registration page.
  • The user is obliged to provide real data during registration. It is forbidden to indicate the data of another person during registration. In the event of such a case, the management company reserves the right to apply to the relevant state authorities.

Buying products

  • To purchase the products, the user must follow the instructions on the relevant product page.
  • Products can be purchased in installments if there is a corresponding indication on the product rules/description page. In such a case, an installment agreement is signed between the partner bank and the buyer.
  • The corresponding payment for the purchase of products through the site will be made in the manner indicated in the rules/description of the respective products.
  • The management company does not take any responsibility and does not give any guarantee for the products offered through the site, except when it acts as a seller. In the event that the seller himself provides a warranty for the product to be purchased, such an indication is reflected on the site in the appropriate field.
  • Rules regarding the return of products, see the document defining the return policy of the item.


  • The Website Services are not designed or intended for persons under the age of 18. For individuals who have not reached the age of legal consent to use the Services in any jurisdiction (“of legal age”). If you are not a legal adult, you may not download or use the Services or provide us with personal information.
  • We reserve the right to access and review any personal information we receive from you. In the event that we become aware that information has been shared by a user who has not reached the age of majority, we have the right to disregard this information. If you have reason to believe that information has been shared with us by a minor, please notify us.

Other Terms

  • Any other terms and conditions relating to the purchase of products through the Site (including delivery/installation terms (if any) will be set out on the product terms/full description page and will be binding on both the seller and the buyer together with these terms and conditions).

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